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7 gorgeous ways to use succulents at your wedding

7 gorgeous ways to use succulents at your wedding

By Elise

There’s no denying that millennials love succulents. There’s just something about a gorgeous plant that can grow and is also a bit easier to keep alive that we love to have in our homes as well as use in our decor.

But succulents can be used in so many ways other than just decorations, and we’re seeing some amazing ways that wedding succulents are being incorporated into a couples big day.

Whether it’s being used in something that a bride or groom can wear or something that adds to the theme of their day, wedding succulents are a great option when you tie the knot. Due to their easy to care for nature, succulents are not only versatile for your decorations but you can also order and pick them up in advance.

Plus they come in such a range of different sizes, shapes and colours that you can match them to any style for your big day.

Here are some of our favourite ways that you can use succulents for your wedding.

Succulent Bomboniere
As your bomboniere

While sugared almonds are the traditional choice for bomboniere, chocolate and other sweets have taken over as the more modern choice for bomboniere in recent years. But if you’re up for something that your guests can keep rather than eat, we love the idea of giving them a living gift as their bomboniere.

Love is nurturing and what better way to represent that than with individual succulents as your wedding favours? Not only do your guests have something cute that they can keep, but because succulents are so fuss-free and easy to maintain it also means that you’re not giving them too much responsibility at the same time.

Plus they can be displayed in a range of gorgeous ways, whether it’s a succulent gift table for a cocktail reception or as individual plants at each table setting.

Unique Living Gifts
In your bouquet

Because they can come in a range of such diverse colours, having succulents in your bouquet can be a gorgeous way to focus on something a bit different. You can have a succulents-only bouquet or merge them with other florals and plants.

We love the elegance they give to a modern bouquet and the way they give some more dimension to your flower arrangements.

However, if you are merging your succulents with other flowers it’s a good idea to go with some more light blooms. Because they generally are thicker, succulents tend to weigh more than other flowers. So make sure you’re not having something that’s going to weigh you down too much!

As part of your wedding decor

There are so many different types of succulents out there and so many ways you can involve them in, not just your home decor, but your wedding decor as well.

Whether you go for a larger hanging succulent as part of your greenery, have a range of eclectic pots or terrariums displayed at various points of your venue, or go for succulents as table centrepieces rather than traditional flowers, there are so many ways you can use these cute-as-a-button plants in your wedding theme.

The benefit of using succulents for your wedding decor rather than just florals is that you get to keep them! While sometimes couples can go home with a range of flowers that will die off in the week following their wedding, your planted succulents can be kept around the home and nurtured for years to come.

As part of your wedding cake

We love succulents on wedding cakes! With greenery being one of the most popular themes in recent months it’s a great way to add a new element to a common trend of greenery and florals on cakes.

Plus a skilled cake maker will be able to use real succulents or create amazing handmade sugar succulents and flowers for you to chow down on at the end of the night.

In your hair

There are hair clips and flower crowns, and then there are the hair clips and flower crowns that really make you say WOW. Make your statement piece your headwear with a gorgeous succulent crown or clip for your wedding day.

These creations not only stand out but they also add an element of glamour and uniqueness to your look. There’s a range of different succulents colours for you to plan around your colour scheme and flower crowns are still a popular element at weddings so it will help you look both on trend and unique.

As your boutonniere

Don’t think that it’s just the ladies who can accessorise with some amazing succulents either. Grooms and groomsmen unite because now is your time to shine.

Some men might think that their pocket flowers, or boutonniere, are a bit off-trend and are instead opting for more traditional pocket squares. But we love this unique take on the boutonniere wedding tradition.

Your boutonniere is also a great way to involve the other men in your life, whether it’s your father, grandfather, brother, uncle or just a few of your besties. You can work their special succulent designs to your colour scheme or give them the natural green look for a boutonniere that will involve them but also help them stand out from your bridal party.

As your jewellery

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the women in your life. For all the mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, sisters, aunties and even flower girls, a piece of succulent jewellery is the way to go.

This can be in the form of a traditional corsage or bracelet, succulent ring, a unique succulent or mini terrarium necklace and so on. There are just so many ways to wear these gorgeous plants!

We also love succulents paired with silky ribbons, leather features and clean, neutral colours to really help make these plants pop and standout while being worn.

8 gorgeous Sydney Harbour weddings

8 gorgeous Sydney Harbour weddings

More than 30% of the weddings held in Australia in the past few years have been in New South Wales, and Sydney is by far the jewel in the state’s crown. With the stunning Sydney Harbour featuring so many landmarks, it is no wonder couples flock to the area to bring their dream wedding to life.

 Here are eight gorgeous Sydney Harbour weddings to inspire you…

Rustic garden elegance

Christine and Paul were married overlooking the Sydney harbour. Image: Hilary Cam Photography

Christine and Paul celebrated their rustic garden wedding overlooking the Sydney harbour. Image: Hilary Cam Photography

Christine Freeburn and Paul Miles chose to tie the knot at Opera Point at Sydney Opera House. They used the grounds for an outdoor ceremony, which was a beautifully themed rustic garden affair that was framed by the majestic Harbour Bridge.

They then partied the night away in the venue’s luxury marquee.

Romantic fun

Caesar and Simon tapped into their fun sides at Luna Park. Image:

Caesar and Simon tapped into their fun sides at Luna Park. Image: Two Peaches Photography

Caesar Win and Simon Vutich’s exchanged vows in front of 170 guests at St Thomas Anglican Church in North Sydney.

With the formal ceremony complete, they flocked to Luna Park’s Crystal Ballroom to let their hair down and celebrate with style.

Black and white wedding elegance

Hine and Cameron took sophistication to the next level with a Sydney harbor backdrop. Image:

Hine and Cameron took sophistication to the next level with a Sydney harbor backdrop. Image: Daniel Griffiths Photography

Cameron Perrin proposed to Hine Te on the Sydney Harbour during the city’s outdoor light festival, Vivid. So it was little wonder that they decided to head back to the picturesque waterline for their wedding.

They were married at the Royal Botanic Gardens, before their 107 guests were treated to a reception at five-star hotel Pier One Sydney with incredible views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Lunar Park.

Modern art deco affair

Rebecca and Justin said "I do" with a stunning harbour backdrop. Image:

Rebecca and Justin said “I do” with a stunning harbour backdrop. Image: Weddings by Morris

Rebecca Candy and Justin Lawler pulled off a stunning wedding on a tight budget, maximising the stunning views of the Sydney Harbour from the nearby Gunners’ Barracks.

The art deco venue perfectly suited the theme for their casual affair, which was celebrated with 67 guests.

The ride called marriage

Annette and Anthony unleashed their wild side at Luna Park. Image:

Annette and Anthony unleashed their wild side at Luna Park. Image: MM Photos

Annette Vitetta and Anthony Verges had the best of both worlds on their wedding day – a stylish and sophisticated wedding ceremony in Bradfield Park on the water’s edge, overlooking the Sydney Opera, followed by fun and frivolity at Luna Park for their wedding reception.

Their 152 guests had less than 300 meters to travel to reach Luna Park’s Crystal Ballroom, where they were given ride passes and unleashed their inner children.

Smoke on the water

Sandra and David chose Sydney Harbour to show off their city to international guests. Image:

Sandra and David chose Sydney Harbour to show off their city to international guests. Image: Milenko Weddings

Sandra Cho and David Kim were slightly devastated when their Sydney wedding was taken over by an intense smoke haze from burns offs around the city.

They had chosen Pier One to give their international guests the best possible views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, but the smoke provided a veil that obscured the usually spectacular views.

Despite the haze, Sandra says they had the most magical day, and loved the unique effect of the smoke in their wedding photos.

Party atmosphere in abundance

Jess and Mark looked elegant along the Sydney Harbour. Image:

Jess and Mark looked elegant along the Sydney Harbour. Image: Karen Gilvear Photography

Jess Mancini and Mark Goodey were determined to create a relaxing, party atmosphere for their elegant Sydney wedding. And with their ceremony at Mosman Art Gallery followed by a reception at Dockside Darling Harbour, they pulled it off for their 135 guests.

With the venues close to the Sydney Harbour, the couple were able to get some magical wedding snaps on the waterfront.

Stunning reception option

Patricia and Alex's guests felt like they were dancing on the city. Image:

Patricia and Alex’s guests felt like they were dancing on the city. Image: Blumenthal Photography

Patricia Doyle and Alex Tsicalas were married at Sydney’s stunning Garrison Church and enjoyed the dazzling lights of the city by night with a reception at the Shangri-La Hotel.

The hotel’s Altitude Restaurant gave the impression of being on top of the world, with guests getting the feeling of “dancing on the city.”

The venues were within walking distance of each other, and allowed the couple to make the most of iconic photo opportunities at the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

8 things to include in your traditional wedding

8 things to include in your traditional wedding

In an era where many couples venture away from wedding traditions, it’s nice to consider returning to the format our parents and grandparents used when they got hitched. If you’re looking for traditional wedding inspiration, here’s eight things to include on your big day.

traditional wedding

Classic suits

While there are so many outfit options for the gents — from jeans and cowboy boots, to top hat and tails — nothing screams ‘Wedding!’ more than a black tuxedo and tie.

traditional wedding

The groom and his groomsmen looking dapper in this #RealWedding

Ceremony usher

Don’t stress about your ceremony seating — enlist the help of an usher to seat guests for you. Traditionally, the bride’s family and friends will be on the left side, and grooms’ family on the right, and grandparents of the groom are seated before those of the bride.

traditional wedding

Aisle runner

Once all your guests are seated, the usher will complete their duties by rolling out the aisle runner specifically used for the bride and her attendants to walk down.

traditional wedding


Traditional weddings include one or more readings, which are often selected by the celebrant to reflect any religious elements of the ceremony. Or, if you so wish, readings can be chosen by the couple for a friend or family member to read out.

Check out this stunning winter #RealWedding

The receiving line

Although this has been moved to the end of the wedding ceremony, between the declaration of marriage and the signing of the marriage certificate, traditionally the receiving line was what guests walked through to begin the reception. This consists of both mothers, the newlyweds, and the female attendants.

traditional wedding

Tiered wedding cake

The traditional three-tiered wedding cake is timeless and will never go out of style. Whether you add or remove tiers, traditional weddings usually include a cake instead of other modern options like cupcakes, doughnut walls or lolly buffets.

traditional wedding

This tiered cake had a different flavour for each tier —

Travelling clothes

Who would complain about having to find another beautiful dress to wear? It’s what all the traditional brides did. As the reception comes to an end, the bride and groom discreetly slip away to change into less formal outfits, dubbed ‘travelling clothes’, and return before the…

traditional wedding

Grand departure

Dressed in their travelling clothes, the couple are the first to leave the reception through a line of guests.  Guests may be armed with rice, rose petals, or bubbles, which they will shower the newlyweds with as they exit. The couple then head to a car waiting to whisk them off to their first night of wedded bliss.

traditional wedding

Wedding trend forecasts from a wedding expert

Wedding trend forecasts from a wedding expert

 Planning your wedding right now? Here are the hottest new wedding trend forecasts according to Karinda from Showtime Events. She gave us some insights into what’s hot and will carry through to next year, so here are the latest wedding trend forecasts:

wedding trends 2018

Showtime Events

Copper, grey and blush

“I think the biggest trend of 2017 would have to be the blush, grey and copper phenomenon (I too am guilty of jumping on the bandwagon!)” said Karinda.

Wedding trend forecasts

Showtime Events

Pampas grass

“I feel 2018 will be the year pampas grass leaps off the pages of the styled shoots and into mainstream wedding porn!” Said Karinda. ” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Pampas grass is the baby’s breath of 2018.”

wedding trend forecasts

Showtime Events


“Fun and quirky floral installations always get me excited. There is so much freedom and creativity when suspending a piece of art, it’s amazing to see a concept develop through the stages and come together and create something totally unique!” Karinda said of her favourite trend that couples are choosing.


Showtime Events

White on white

“All white errthang will forever be on trend,” laughed Karinda. This minimalistic trend is unsurprising, with white always looking effortlessly classic.

Minimalistic chic

As “Chic and minimalistic will continue evolving, pops of copper, tarnished silver and raw industrial textures will keep the look relevant and interesting.


“Touches of sparkle are also making a huge comeback!”

Showtime Events

Showtime Events

How to decide on your wedding budget

How to decide on your wedding budget

Newly engaged and trying to figure out how much to allocate to your wedding budget? Before you put a number estimation on paper, here’s what we recommend you consider.

wedding budget

Who’s paying?

First things first, who’s pocket is the money for the wedding coming out of? If it’s your own, your wedding can be as big or as small as you want. If you or your fiance’s parents are willing to pay for the wedding in part or in entirety, you will have more money to play with but more opinions and feelings to consider when it comes to wedding planning.

What’s important to you?

In your eyes, certain elements of your wedding may be more important than others. For instance, if you place a large emphasis on finding your dream wedding dress, you might use a large portion of your entire wedding budget on just this. Or, if the location is important to you, you might find yourself spending your first initial budget estimation on the location alone. It’s all about knowing what’s important to you and allocating your wedding budget accordingly.

wedding budget

How many people are you inviting?

If you come from a large family who live their lives surrounded by great company and even better food, you may have to factor this in when deciding on your wedding budget.

If you have a small family or are aware you enjoy intimate gatherings rather than large soirees, your wedding budget may reflect this. Having said this, sometimes intimate gatherings cost just as much as larger weddings, as those who host small weddings often fork out more money to ensure their guests have a great time, and typically pay more attention to the luxurious details that are important to them.

Most venues will have a ‘price per head’, so if your guest list reaches well above the hundred mark, you may have to pool a larger wedding budget to accommodate this, or choose a cheaper option.

Location and venue

For some couples, the location and venue that houses the wedding of their dreams is what’s most important. This is especially true for those who choose to host a destination wedding.

When considering your wedding budget, ask yourself: where do I want to get married? How much will it cost to get married there? Is it significantly more or less to get married there rather than in my hometown?

Other costs may come into play. If you’re toying with the idea of a destination wedding, you may have to consider if and how the prices hike in particularly popular tourist times. Or, if your wedding is in your hometown, the venue’s reputability or exclusiveness may contribute to a higher cost.

A larger wedding budget will help you snag the wedding venue of your dreams, granted the venue and its location is the most important thing to you.

wedding budget

Date and time

Your wedding date might have some impact on how much you’ll have to fork out for your dream wedding. For instance, if you’re planning a winter wedding, the cost of your venue may slump significantly. Similarly, if you plan a weekday wedding, you may find vendors offering discounted rates.

On the flip side, if you plan on hosting a weekend wedding in the hight of wedding season (November to February), you’ll have to factor this in when deciding on your wedding budget. During the peak period, wedding vendors are incredibly busy and often booked out for months, so a larger wedding budget will help to secure the wedding vendors you want.


Certain styles and themes of weddings can contribute to their overall expense. For instance, a luxury wedding will always cost more than a DIY wedding. A traditional wedding in a ballroom will always require a larger budget than an intimate garden wedding.

If you’re hoping to create a wedding on a smaller budget, you’ll have to choose a style that is easily created with that amount of funding.

wedding budget

Average cost

According to the 2016 Easy Weddings Annual Wedding Survey, Australian couples originally budget an average of $20,913 for their wedding. When they later revised their budget, these couples believed their budget came to an average of $24,932. What they actually spent was much more, forking out an average of $30,985 for their dream wedding.

How to get started

A great way to gauge how much your estimated budget will stretch over the course of wedding planning, is to use the Easy Weddings Budget Calculator! Simply put in your estimated budget, and follow its suggested budgets depending on category. Easy!

wedding budget

This flowergirl took her job VERY seriously

This flowergirl took her job VERY seriously

Six year old Niamh Heneghan took her flower girl role extremely seriously for her Aunt’s upcoming wedding. So seriously, that she even wrote a  flower girl to do list and took responsibility for making her own dress!

Her dad, Richie, saw her working on a gorgeous flower girl to do list, and the internet has gone mad. It is too cute!

It’s Niamh’s first time being a flower girl, and we think she is going to do a great job.

 flower girl to do list

How cute is this flower girl to do list?

Here is the full flower girl to do list:

remind Mammy to buy me snow gloves + normal gloves and scarf

practice walking down aisle
Ask is it OK for Ava to come over!

practice walking down aisle
fitness workout
Christmas decorations!
ask Mammy how to sew!

practice walking down aisle
sew a cardigan and a dress

practice walking down aisle
fitness workout

flower girl to do list

Public ceremony locations: what are the requirements?

Public ceremony locations: what are the requirements?

Thinking of hosting your wedding ceremony in a public place, but unsure of what is required of you? Here’s everything you need to know about public ceremony locations.

public ceremony locations

Council permission

Depending on the public location, you may have to receive permission from the local council to host your wedding ceremony there. Along with this, you may have to pay a permit fee.

These permits are not exclusive, meaning members of the public are allowed to do as they please. Your permit allows you to host your event, holding you liable if anything were to go astray.

Respect the space

Once granted permission to host your wedding in a public space, you must agree to respect it and leave it as was before your wedding ceremony. This means refraining from nailing anything into old rotundas and gazebos, or leaving rubbish where your ceremony took place.

public ceremony locations

Numbers restrictions

Depending on the size of the public space, there may be a restriction on how many people you can invite to your event. For instance, a small public park may be suitable for an intimate wedding, but unsuitable for one in excess of 200 guests. Plus, the more guests you invite, the more cleaning up you will have to do afterwards.

Alcohol restrictions

Particular councils have passed by-laws that prohibit the consumption of alcohol on particular streets, parks, and other areas within their jurisdiction. Because of this, the public space you have chosen to host your wedding ceremony may fall into a ‘no alcohol zone’, meaning you and your guests are, by law, not allowed to drink alcohol during or immediately after your ceremony.

public ceremony locations

No littering

While this falls under ‘respect the space’, littering is a big enough issue itself to be its own category. By hosting your ceremony in a public place, you are agreeing to leave the space in perfect condition – just as you found it. Not only is littering frowned upon, but it is illegal and may warrant some extra charges if you leave the space untidy or dirty.

Time restraints

Particular public spaces may have time restraints, often meaning your ceremony can’t take place in the middle of the night and can’t go all weekend. In our experience with weddings, the wedding party are often dying to get to the reception venue and kick off the party, so usually time restraints don’t cause too much of an issue.

public ceremony locations

Wedding horror stories you won’t believe – but need to read

Wedding horror stories you won’t believe – but need to read

We here at Easy Weddings adore everything wedding – the good, the bad, and the ugly! For your reading pleasure, here are 6 wedding horror stories you won’t believe.

wedding horror stories

Sweaty wedding

Weddingbee user Kittyachi told of her experience at her friend’s wedding. According to her, the hotel’s renovations were not yet complete even though they were supposed to be months earlier. This meant the ballroom where they held the reception (which had no windows) and the guests’ rooms at the hotel (which has windows that didn’t open) lacked airconditioner. Kittyachi says her friend’s wedding cake half melted, and all guests were a disgusting sweaty mess in the wedding photos.

wedding horror stories

GURRRRL, you stank

Rogue Grandma

User amariem25 told about her grandmother’s freak out at her own wedding. Apparently, her grandmother didn’t understand that when you hire a venue, they have event staff to clean up the tables and decorations. The grandmother took it upon herself to organise everyone, yelling to amariem25’s father and brother about who was going to clean up everything at the end of the night. “Apparently she was going to come up to me during my wedding reception and tell me how she thought we would clean all this up.”

“Apparently she was going to come up to me during my wedding reception and tell me how she thought we would clean all this up, but luckily my brother told her numerous times not to bother me.”

wedding horror stories

Too much booze

User moderndaisy told of her experience and a friend’s destination wedding. The wedding itself was beautiful, but had an open bar and no food for two hours. This resulted in many guests getting physically ill – some even couldn’t make it to the bathroom. “The problem was, it was a destination wedding and the ceremony didn’t start until

“The problem was, it was a destination wedding and the ceremony didn’t start until 6:00pm, so all the guests were at the hotel bar waiting for the ceremony to start and drinking away – thinking it would bee fine since they would eat at cocktail hour. Wrong! The bride and groom wanted to save money so didn’t include any food, only booze!”

wedding horror stories

“Bro – you good?”

Nuggets are the joke

User jaylii9 went to a wedding where they served chicken nuggets with ketchup sauce as appetizers.

“Think the gross primary school cafeteria type! We found out later that this was an inside joke between the bride and groom, but they didn’t share that joke and never ate a nasty chicken nugget because they were off for their wedding photos.”

wedding horror stories

Bon appetit!

Dutiful and obedient…

User BrandNewBride tells of her experience at a friend’s wedding. Apparently the minister piped up during the ceremony and said: “This reading was not discussed with the bride, but I think it’s an important lesson for them.”

“It was the reading about wives being dutiful and obedient to their husbands. The bride was a major feminist and single mum, and was so upset she stopped the ceremony and had an argument with the minister!”

wedding horror stories

Wedding in the dark

User OneLove04210 shared their experience at their best friend’s wedding. The power went out, and because the venue hadn’t used their generator in so long, it didn’t work. The bride got ready by candle-light and flashlight – which the wedding party had to keep giving back to the kitchen so they could prepare dinner. Luckily the groom was able to secure a small generator strong enough for the DJ. Unfortunately the DJ wasn’t set to arrive until after the ceremony so the guests had to hum the bride down the aisle.

“Then the rain started, cutting the photo shoot early and getting the bride’s dress wet and dirty. Then the bridal party had to wait in a room which was pitch black while the wedding coordinator waited to let us be announced because dinner wasn’t near ready.”

wedding horror stories

“Oh sh*t that was the wrong colour lipstick.”

9 Sydney wedding ceremony locations you should visit this weekend

9 Sydney wedding ceremony locations you should visit this weekend

Dreaming of exchanging vows somewhere with a view? If you have time this weekend, we recommend you grab your fiance and visit these 9 Sydney wedding ceremony locations.

sydney wedding ceremony locations

Click here to discover more wedding ceremony locations in NSW

Jubilee Park

Set against the foreshore in Glebe, Jubilee Park is the ideal location for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Existing beneath the umbrella of Glebe Parks, these locations combined make up 17 hectares of open grasslands, sports fields, adventure playgrounds, wetlands, and dog-friendly areas. Check out Jubilee Park this weekend and judge for yourselves!

jubilee park - sydney wedding ceremony locations

Treillage Viewing Platform – Bicentennial Park

Treillage Tower is the centrepiece of Bicentennial Park and therefore somewhere truly unique and special for your wedding ceremony. Climb the staircase up three stories to the 17 metre-high viewing platform for soothing views over the green expanses of Bicentennial Park, the Parramatta River, and the city skyline. Visit Treillage Viewing Platform this weekend and see if you can envision exchanging vows there on your big day!

sydney wedding ceremony locations treillage viewing platform

Royal Botanic Gardens – Rose Garden & Pavilion

Fast becoming one of the most popular wedding ceremony venues in Sydney, the Royal Botanic Gardens has many ceremony locations to choose from. With blooming flowers from September through to May, this romantic garden features a magnificent sandstone pavilion, lush green lawns, ponds, fountains, historic monuments, and unsurpassed views across Sydney Harbour. Give the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Rose Garden and Pavilion a visit this weekend!

royal botanic gardens, rose garden and pavilion

Arc of Pines – Bicentennial Park

Stretching over 100 hectares of land, Bicentennial Park offers couples the choice of 13 sites for the perfect garden wedding ceremony. Arc of Pines, in particular, overlooks Lake Belvedere and sits secluded and bordered by pine trees and overlooking the lake. This location is popular for wedding ceremonies and photography due to its large open space, its capacity of 200 people, and therefore its suitability to larger weddings. Check out Arc of Pines this weekend!

arc of pines - bicentennial park, sydney wedding ceremony locations

Hyde Park

Located in the CBD, Hyde Park is the perfect location for your Sydney wedding ceremony. The park itself features the Anzac Memorial, the Archibald Fountain, themed gardens, and old Moreton Bay fig trees – which allows an abundance of great photography opportunities. Check out Hyde Park and see if it’s your dream wedding ceremony location!

hyde park, sydney wedding ceremony locations

Image sourced from Modern Wedding

Copes Lookout

Copes Lookout could just be the wedding ceremony location of your dreams! Perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies, this location features magnificent views across Sydney Harbour to the Opera House and underneath the Harbour Bridge. As Copes Lookout is situated close to Jeffery Street Wharf, you can even arrive by boat or water taxi for an extra special arrival. Give Copes Lookout a visit this weekend!

copes lookout - sydney wedding ceremony locations

Strickland House Park (Vaucluse)

Suitable for weddings for all shapes and sizes, Strickland House Park offers views of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as backdrop to your wedding ceremony. Take a look yourself – can you envision your special day at Strickland House Park?

strickland house park - sydney wedding ceremony locations

Observatory Hill

Featuring a Gazebo that stands two-metres off the ground, Observatory Hill offers spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as backdrop to your special day. And, even though you have the bridge in full view, the garden is far enough away for traffic noise not to be an issue. Give Observatory Hill a visit this weekend and find out for yourselves if it’s the perfect location to exchange your vows.

sydney wedding ceremony locations, observatory hill

Hickson Road Reserve

Sat on the Harbour’s edge and with stunning views of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, Hickson Road Reserve offers the perfect waterfront wedding ceremony location. This location is popular among those seeking an outdoor wedding ceremony and those who want to take their wedding photos here. And, with the ability to accommodate guest lists of over 100 people, even larger wedding ceremonies are welcome at Hickson Road Reserve.

sydney wedding ceremony locations

14 celebrity couples with the most expensive weddings

14 celebrity couples with the most expensive weddings

With the average Australian wedding costing around $30,000, many couples scrimp and save for months on end to bring their dream wedding to life.

But did you know Kim Kardashian spent $10,000 just on invitations to her first wedding? Or that the wine alone at Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes cost $18,000?

These are just some of the exorbitant things you will find in this list of celebrity couples with the most expensive weddings…

David and Victoria Beckham

DavidVictoriaEdited 1999: $800,000

The couple that were considered akin to British royalty for a time might cringe to see their $800,000 wedding held at Luttrellstown Castle in 1999 could actually be considered a budget affair in the realm of celebrity weddings.

Adjusted for inflation, their Dublin wedding would cost $1.2 million today. Their 250-strong guest list included Elton John, who performed for them during the reception, and their decadent cake featured nude figurines of the bride and groom.

The couple’s eldest son Brooklyn was just four months old at the time of the wedding and wore a miniature version of his dad’s white Antonio Berardi suit.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

brad and jennifer 2000: $1 million

The ’90s saw the world fall in love with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s love. After dating for two years, they threw a $1 million wedding (about what Jen would earn from one episode of Friends) with 50,000 flowers brought in to create a zen garden look.

They were Hollywood’s golden couple for the seven years they were together, and Jen’s embellished gown set a trend for the time. Their lavish affair featured four bands, a gospel choir and fireworks.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie


2000: $1.5 million

The material girl went all out for her second wedding. She got hitched to prolific director Guy Ritchie at the Skibo Castle in Scotland in 2000.

The high profile guest list included Gwyneth Paltrow, Donatella Versace, and Stella McCartney, who designed Madonna’s $80,000 wedding dress.

They booked out the entire castle for their big day. Unfortunately, they split eight years later.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

christina-aguilera-wedding-jordan-bratman 2005: $2 million

There was an almighty party when Christina Aguilera married Jordan Bratman – their reception didn’t wrap up until 5am!

The couple hired a private vineyard in Napa Valley, California, and included a 14-piece orchestra in their ceremony and they exchanged vows underneath an arbor of fuchsia, red, and blush roses.

Wedding planner Michael Gapinski is said to have transformed the reception area into a winter wonderland featuring hundreds of birch trees, white roses, and hydrangeas.

Sadly, they separated five years later.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

katie and tom 2006: $3.5 million

Collectively known as TomKat, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married after Cruise’s infamous couch-jumping on Oprah.

They were married in a 15th century Italian Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, and the entire bridal party’s ensembles were custom designed by Giorgio Armani.

Guests included Will and Jada Smith, David and Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez, who helped to polish off 300 bottles of red Barbesco wine, (at a cost of $18,000) and enjoy the fireworks display and a reception backed by classical music.

Liza Minelli and David Guest


When Liza Minelli walked down the aisle for the fourth time, she hosted one of the most extravagant Hollywood weddings ever.

With Michael Jackson as her best man and Elizabeth Taylor as the maid of honour, the reported 1000 guests knew they were in for a show-stopping ride.

Jackson and Taylor actually arrived late for the wedding, while Liz was at New York’s Marble Collegiate Church an hour early to change out of the black dress she arrived in, into an ivory Bob Mackie gown.

The ceremony included a 50-piece orchestra and the reception boasted a 12-tier wedding cake. Sadly, their marriage lasted little over a year.

George and Amal Clooney

George-Clooney-Wedding-Pictures-Amal-Alamuddin 2014: $4.6 million

George and Amal chose to have a destination wedding AND foot the bill for all of their guests to travel to Venice, Italy. Soooo, it’s no surprise that the biggest chunk of their wedding costs (almost $3 million to be exact) went on paying for 95 Cipriani hotel suites for three nights and travel.

Amal looked stunning in her custom-designed Oscar de la Renta gown, which set them back a cool $380,000. In comparison, George’s Giorgio Armani tuxedo costed a paltry $5,000.

The stunning couple also splashed out $250,000 on Munaretto flowers and around $160,000 on a five-course reception dinner accompanied by champagne and Grey Goose vodka.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

justin and jessica 2012: $6.5 million

Italy was also on the radar for Justin and Jessica, who booked out the entire Borgo Egnazia resort for their wedding day.

Not content that would keep the paps at bay, they also paid to close down surrounding buildings!

Jessica bucked tradition by wearing a gorgeous pink wedding gown, which was custom designed by Giambattista Valli. The veil, which was also created by Valli, was embellished with Jessica’s heirloom pearls.

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

be3040b12de62fb2c8a7db777ec5bec4--celebrity-weddings-michael-jordan 2013: $10 million

The king of air time married his love in Palm Beach, Florida with a ceremony at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea followed by a reception at a nearby luxurious private golf club, where they celebrated with 300 guests, including Tiger Woods, Patrick Ewing, Spike Lee and Ahmad Rashad.

Entertainment was provided by Robin Thicke and Usher and the couple cut into a crystal encrusted seven-tier wedding cake before a stunning fireworks display erupted in the sky.

The handmade silk in Yvette’s dress was created especially for her custom-designed gown.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Kim-Kardashian-Wedding-Pictures-Kris-Humphries 2011: $10 million

This could be one of the most expensive, as well as short-lived, marriages in Hollywoodland. It is also one that everyday viewers had a chance to be a part of – thanks to dozens of cameras catching the occasion for two special episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Kim wore Vera Wang – three times – after being unable to decide on just one gown for her big day, and she wore more than $40,000 worth of diamonds in the form of a headdress and a bracelet.

More than 400 guests were invited to the affair, which was watched at home by millions of viewers. Being a guest was not cheap either, with the gifts on the registry adding up to more than $170,000. The least expensive item, for those on a budget, was a clock that cost $1115.

The couple spent $2 million on flowers and $6000 on the cake, which was eight feet tall and weighed more than 270kgs.

Kim ended the marriage 72 days later.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

kim and kanye 2014: $12 million

Not to be outdone by her previous wedding, Kim once again spends big on her second marriage to Kanye West.

The venue in Italy cost a cool $400,000 and Kim’s gorgeous gown was $500,000. Not to be outdone, Kayne ordered a 70-meter long marble table, especially for the reception. For $478,000, it was a steal.

Turning their big day into an intercontinental week, with a visit to Paris before the wedding in Forte di Belvedere, Florence the couple paid for guests to stay at a cost of $68,000 for 100 rooms and also sprung the $70,000 needed for transport around the city as well as $74,000 to fly between Paris and Florence.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

7d5ea1bbdaccff41_GettyImages-127640229 2011: $34 million

Sure, the figure would make you gasp in awe (and slight horror), but when you consider that $32 million was spent on security, it doesn’t seem all that bad… right?

Kate’s stunning gown was designed by Alexander McQueen creative director Sarah Burton at a cost of $434,000, the couple spent $800,000 on flowers and $600,000 on a lunch for 600 guests at Buckingham palace and a second reception with a more intimate crowd of 300, which was hosted by Prince Charles.

Their wedding cake cost a cool $80,000, but the ceremony with a guest list of 1900 at Westminster Abbey was completely free – there must be some perks to being a royal after all.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

diana and charles 1981: $110 million

This figure is, of course, adjusted for inflation, but if Prince Charles were to hold the same wedding he did to the late Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 today, it would cost a whopping $110 million.

3500 guests attended the ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, which was chosen above the traditional Westminster Abbey. But an estimated 750 million people watched on their televisions.

Two million spectators flocked to the wedding procession route to get a glimpse of the future princess, requiring 4000 police and 2201 military officers to control the crowds.

Diana’s iconic gown, with 25-foot train, would cost more than $52,000 today.

The couple separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996.